Reviews for The Winds of Fall
The Winds of Fall, a flight into fantasy full of science fiction, mystery, suspense, and romance both sweet and explosive, takes the
reader away from the usual to view the universe in Technicolor and teeming with activity. This novel entices the imagination to
stretch and soar to amazing heights—making one remember those “play-like” games of childhood when all things seemed possible.
Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter uses art and science to create an exciting environment for characters that come alive in places as real
as Tulsa, Oklahoma, and as fanciful as a planet that circles a distant star. She creates secondary characters that reveal and help
unravel the mysteries of the phenomenal world of Skye and Joe. Isala, Vicky, Alex, Ericka, and Mr. Davis all weave themselves
through the story to give it strength and believability. Some of the scientific elements in the story are a bit overwhelming but the
excitement of events engages so many of the reader’s senses that one is propelled along with a feeling of urgency. The Winds of Fall
pushes the boundaries and excites the imagination of “what if” while weaving a unique love story that thrills the
                                               4.5 of 5 Books from Camelia

Barbara Vey’s Publisher's Weekly "Beyond Her Book WW Ladies Book Club" Blurbs 5-7-2009-reviewed The Winds of Fall--Skye
Worthington is a highly intelligent scientist, finishing her doctorates in astrophysics and aeronautical engineering. But these degrees
were only for her to fall back on in case she didn’t succeed in her other passion, artistry. It was at a competitive artwork show that she
literally fell into the arms of Joseph Allen, leaving them gasping from the instant sizzle that pulsed between them. After this first
meeting with Joe, the constant bombardment of otherworldly dreams started and the strange feelings of wanting to fly where the wind
takes her. And if that didn’t frighten her enough it was the creepy feeling of someone touching her as she stepped outside, turning to
find no one there, that tipped her closer to insanity.
"I was right there with Skye on the edge of her sanity, wanting her to desperately solve who she really was and how it
would affect her future, and especially what part the mysterious, handsome Joe would play in her life. This Men In
Black-like Sci-Fi story had me transfixed right at the beginning and I just couldn’t put it down."
Reviewer Marge

“Cottonwood Place is a refreshing combination of inspirational writing with the spiritual
teachings of the Native-American culture and Christianity...The true-to-life  
information…intertwined with love, hope, and rebuilding broken lives…is a comforting
and uplifting story. Ms. Wickersham-McWhorter's knowledge, in-depth research and
detail makes her writing a joy to read.”
                                   4 of 5 Angels from Tracey

"It is a character haven...a great plot with a wonderful cast. The plot kept me mesmerized…
I was so enthralled that I laughed, I cried...I didn't  put it down all night! I recommend this
book especially if you're interested in Indian culture...I  haven’t  read this author  before, but
I would again!”                                                                              
4½  of 5 hearts from Brenda

Ms. Wickersham-McWhorter writes a moving novel combining the best elements of
Christian writing with the little known tales of the Navajo peoples. Her descriptions are
rich, filled with vivid details that make you know you're not just reading, but are part of
the story...If you like a sweet romance filled with imagery and Christianity, then grab a
copy of Cottonwood Place. I guarantee you’ll fall in love, too.
5 Books of 5 from Long and Short Romance Reviews!
To see how smart Cassie, the cat, and Orion the dog are, read an excerpt from Cottonwood
Place. Click on the link below to let me know if you agree!
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The Winds of Fall is a more spicy contemporary science-fiction romance with paranormal touches. Based on dreams I
had in elementary school, it's about two people trying to fit into life on Earth, who meet accidentally, and fall in love
under threat of death for both. If Skye doesn't realize her identity and meld with a creature from her home planet,
billions will die or be made slaves, including everyone on Earth. I hope you enjoy Skye's and Joe's story.
"Ms. Wickersham-McWhorter makes writing an
artwork, painting beautiful characters that
vividly glow like Monet's
Impression Sunrise."
-Anne Seymour, Editor with the WIld Rose
about The Winds of Fall
Isn't the cover fabulous? It so fits both Skye's and
Joe's lives and their story after they meet, a story of
new beginnings for the universe as well as them. To
read an excerpt of their fascinating story click on the
link below:
Imaginative, endearing characters and an intriguing storyline kept me
interested through every page. I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic story
and look forward to more from this author. The only thing about this
story that was a huge turn off was how everyone was lying to everyone
else. Although with complete honesty, Skye and Joe would probably not
have had such an interesting love story.
           Reviewed By Breia Brickey
            WRDF Reviewer
What better way to research a setting than to go there? I went to Boulder
City, Nevada, when I went to Arizona for my father's funeral. The
landscape is indescribably mesmerizing, addicting. Is there a better way
to research a character than if they live with you?
This is Sheena, who's Orion in the story. She's half husky, half German
shepherd. She was almost as playful as a puppy before she died. Are all
dogs followers? Her vision got bad so I'd feel her wet nose on my bare
leg as we walked in the house. She didn't work Orion does, but she has
the talking howl. She was my baby like Orion is to Megan. Sheena died on
November 27, 2012 so I'm glad I immortalized her in Cottonwood Place.
I've been fortunate to have three novels published. The latest is my second
inspirational romantic suspense,
The Diamond Road from Soul Mate
Publishing set on Canada's dangerous ice roads, where revenge is more
important than anything. The first was
Cottonwood Place, an inspirational
romantic suspense set in the American Southwest
. Using Navajo
ceremonies and lifestyles foreign to many, I show how faith in God can be
regained after tragedy ruins two lives. The second was
The Winds of Fall,
an unusual paranormal science-fiction romance set in modern times. Scroll
down to read the reviews.
“A breathtaking tale of intrigue, danger, and love on the ice roads of the frozen North.”
                                          Clare Revell-
White Rose Publishing Author

"The Diamond Road is an engrossing story of a devoted daughter, Connie, who endures
the dangers of Yellowknife, Canada’s icy roads, to help pay for her family’s mounting
medical bills. During the time spent in Yellowknife she is confronted with prejudice and
extreme dangers perpetrated by unknown assailants who are bent on murderous revenge.
Together with Jake, an ice trucker trying to save his family’s ranch from his greedy
siblings, and a few friends, they try to uncover the identity of the assailants.
In close proximity during their quest for the truth, Jake and Connie find themselves
attracted to each other and soon falling in love. The mystery that unfolds wrapped up in a
tender romance makes this story intriguing and fascinating.
The elements of family values, friendship, faith, and mystery combine to make this a
thoroughly enjoyable read that will hold your attention from beginning to end."  
Reviewer Janna Shay October, 2012.